Wir haben über 35 Jahre Erfahrung im Import, Vertrieb und Verkauf von Hi-Fi High-End Geräten. Inzwischen führen wir unseren Familienbetrieb in zweiter Generation .

Als erfahrener und zuverlässiger Partner für unsere Kunden, ist es unser Ziel herausragende Audio-Lösungen anzubieten. Jeden Tag arbeiten wir daran:

  • Ihnen nur beste und ausgewählte High-End Produkte anzubieten
  • Schnelle Verfügbarkeit sowie faire und stabile Preise sicherzustellen
  • Ihnen beste Beratung und vorbildlichen Service sowie Support anzubieten

About us:

I founded Simplyhighend.ch in 2015 with the goal to import and represent High-End audio equipment for the Swiss market. Together with my brother Thomas we represents some selected brands and supplie a network of highly qualified Hi-Fi dealers in Switzerland.

But the history of our business goes way back and was founded by our father. Over the years we represented a couple of well known brands like CELLO (by Mark Levinson), Musical Fidelity, TDL loudspeakers, the legendary turntables from Max Townshend or hand-made tube amplifiers from Brocksieper. We are also responsible for Credo Audio Switzerland.

Simply High-End stands for our Philosophie - highest quality products with a high value for our customers that are simple and elegant. Amplifiers running on software with non-durable interfaces or brands with a constantly changing product line-up are not our world.

Michael Kraske

Michael and Thomas Kraske
They grew up with high-end audio. As a child Michael was extremely fascinated by his father's business and spent every spare minute in the workshop, in the showroom, or production. As a kid he began to experiment with loudspeakers and hi-fi gear. Later as a teenager he realized some first loudspeakers designs and modifications.

But his first passion was producing and recording music! Which then led him to work in the recording studio. Soon his knowledge of acoustics, monitor-speakers, preamplifiers, filters, etc., was quite in demand. This and the passion for high-end gear then led to the work as a consultant and designer for loudspeakers and acoustics.

Thomas was less fascinated by the technical details and more interested in the results - watching movies and listening to music. As a Teenager he discovered the world of fine-dining and was fascinated by the world of gastronomy. He learned from the best in our region and after several years and a few different restaurants he became a Chef in the finest hotel in Basel.

Today the two brothers join their forces and step-by-step take over their father's Hi-Fi business. Their goal is to become a reliable partner and provider for the Hi-Fi industry. Together with a qualified dealer-network they offer finest audio-gear for music-lovers and high-end enthusiasts.


Industriestrasse 111
CH-4147 Aesch BL

Tel. +41 61 751 11 71
Web: www.simplyhighend.ch
Facebook: simplyhighendaudio
Simplyhighend Logo
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Our ultimate goal is to select the best components and design audio-systems in uncompromising quality. Only then, listening to your music or watching a movie will be a breathtaking experience. And this is, what you should expect from a state-of-the-art system, a breathtaking experience.
Michael Kraske
Firma Kraske electronics AG - UST Nr: CHE-107.986.326